Wellness: It begins with a choice, your choice.

Every single day, a new term appears centered around health and wellness. Generally speaking, the entire world is becoming more aware -actually the western world is finally catching on to the awareness- that being well is important. But what does being healthy or well even mean?

Do I need to go to the medical doctor and get all of my levels of everything checked? Do I need to take prescriptions to fix all of the things "wrong with me"? Do I need to see a chiropractor every single day for the rest of my life? Do I need to drink water and hide from everything not healthy in the world? Should I be vegan? Oh no, or should I be vegetarian? Or is it paleo? Should I sleep all day? Do I need to run 15 miles per day? You know, what should I be doing? Or what title should I take on to be healthy? Help!!!!

Sure, a few -not all- of those concepts, with LOTS of modifications can be beneficial. But those aren't the answers, they are merely different prescriptions or methods of honoring the body (or attempting to). The key to honoring the healing process is coming into the awareness of how to: (1) allow the past to become foundational, (2) be present in the moment, and (3) create the future out of fully-lived-in present moments. My professional philosophy is:

Spiritual and emotional traumas alter the biochemistry of the body [what we intake and how we handle food and environmental substances] and manifest as physical dis-ease, because that’s that only way that most people will stop and listen.
— Dr. Crystal Jones

Physically, the body begins to scream when it has had enough. Years of holding on to traumatic experiences and developing them as the truth begin to manifest in different organs and present as acute and/or chronic dis-ease. Is dysfunction real? Absolutely! Is re-establishing function real? Without a shadow of doubt, yes! There are definitely professionals that are able to guide you along the process. And with that, there are two ends of the spectrum - one side will be the crutch for you, and the other side will teach you to adapt through critical thinking - and there are so many shades of gray within. The choice is always yours. When you are ready, you'll know. And there's always the option of staying where you are because comfort at less function feels better than the fear of excellence and abundance in the unknown. You always have a choice in what you will invest in and your entire body honors your decision appropriately. 

Before we part ways, I am going to leave you with a few suggestions on how to begin or enhance your journey towards healing:

  1. Create a ritual. Begin small, do one thing for yourself daily that enhances your overall well-being. Drink a glass of water. Say a meaningful prayer. Listen through meditation. Read a book.
  2. Spend, at the very least, an hour daily doing something that actually matters (not work related). Connect with yourself. Grow meaningful relationships. I'll admit, this one can be hard for me at times.
  3. Invest in services that will guide you along the process. The most important investment that you will ever make is in your total healing. 

Love. Light. Choice. - Yours

If you choose to implement any of the behaviors, I would love to hear how they help you.

Images by Kelley Raye