Spring Seasonal Change: How To Adapt & Thrive

As winter is tip toeing out for the arrival of the spring equinox, our bodies are ready to show us how we've prepared them for the adaptation to change. Winter signifies the transition of life for things that no longer serve their current space. Spring signifies the formation of new life. The preparation of our bodies for these changes expresses rather clearly with our immunity. Somehow, over the years, a new normal has been adopted and affectionately given the name "allergy season".  This new normal has been given a home in the lives of so many. Allergy season is prepared for. Over the counter drugs are in the medicine cabinet ready to go, vaccinations are given to prepare the body for "the flu"- you know, the usual. 

The expectation of runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat-the works, creates a space in our physical bodies to react to new life with such opposing force. So many minds have been conditioned to believe that the nervous system is incapable of doing what it was designed to do - adapt. Here it comes:

Come get adjusted!

But why? Doesn't something have to be wrong with me to see a chiropractor? I'll just wait until I need to come. 

Your body is designed to heal and adapt to life. That's what the nervous system is there to do. When that communication is cut off, the body starts listening to and creating messages that serve the body no good. It starts to believe those messages and ten years later, allergy season (along with cold and flu season) becomes a regular process of life. Chiropractors restore the communication between the brain and the spinal cord so that the body is able to adapt in peace (that's the point of maintenance/wellness care). Ideally, you come in for care when you decide to travel the path of healing.

The truth is that there are so many emotional and spiritual battles that are fought on a daily basis. The lovely immune system spends a lot of time trying to create safe spaces within the body for those battles. In order for the safe spaces to be created, the immune system has to, sometimes forcefully, push out things that no longer serve the body any good on all levels. The nervous system works so diligently to keep this process going by coordinating all of the functions of every single cell. 

So, there doesn't need to be anything "wrong" with you to see a chiropractor. Come when you decide to allow for the full restoration of healing.

Well over the counter drugs get me through the day. 

Sure they do. They tell your body that to quiet the voice within. Instead of letting your nose run, it dries it all up (and dehydrates the cells). Instead of coughing up mucus, they purpose to keep that door shut (by dehydrating the cells). That horrible sinus headache leaves (by artificially dilating or constricting the vessels-after telling the body to dehydrate and keep and of the non-productive toxins inside, the sinuses become impacted, infection sets in, and the pressure becomes unbearable). I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR! I do not prescribe drugs nor do I specialize in them, this is just a little bit of logical physiological response). Chiropractors, and other healers, specialize in facilitating optimal nervous system function for adaptation to life. Do what works best. Is the goal adaptation throughout life, or a simple quick fix?

With chiropractic, consistency is key (notice that I used the word consistency, not dependence). The more you understand your body, the better you will be able to create your version of consistency. Between visits, you must do the work to sustain adaptation and optimal flow. Feeling better is a result of healing better. Just remember that processes require time. Spring season signifies new life. With new life, some old things must leave to serve higher good elsewhere. Think of the internal environment creating space for the new life to come. Your body is working for you. There is no need to hide or fight what's good for you. 

You always get to make the choice. And as always, I recommend excellence. 

Share with a friend. Enlighten them with a new experience in my version of truth. The invitation is extended to heal. I would love to be your guide. If you haven't already decided made to commitment to journeying the path of wellness, I invite you to start today.