Intentional Studying

Tips For Effective Studying

(for boards and even general studying)

Crystal Jones, BS CHHC DC


I know it’s crunch time (remember that I am not too far removed from taking boards, midterms, finals, CLET, Research, OSCE, the rest of the 26 hours and clinic in the same quarter) so I figured that I would send over a few of the study mechanisms that I used to create a space of peace during these moments in this step of the process.


Set your intention for what you want. Keep in mind a few things that help make intentions manifest:

  1. Why do you need to pass this? Why do you need to perform in excellence? Why are you even taking this? If you know WHY you are doing it, your performance will accelerate to make that happen. Specify your intentions. Direct the energy.

    1. How does this play a role in the grand scheme of things? How does this play a role in the manifestation of your personal mission, vision, and purpose?

HINT: If you haven’t recognized these things, now is a great time to do this. The more you innerstand this, the better your approach to each of these tasks. Mission, vision and purpose are the foundation of everything in life. It evolves with you once you have set the foundation. These milestones are temporary. Your “WHY” is infinite.

BIGGER HINT: Always show up and perform in excellence. Everything else is a waste of time, oxygen, and space.

Put studying in its place. Use classroom time to your advantage. Be present and take in as much as you can. This displaces the need for cramming (which doesn’t really produce long lasting results). At home, or in study groups, if you know that you only have a certain amount of time to master the subject, you’ll leave less room for distractions. Make time for those “distractions”, enjoy them.


This milestone isn’t created to attack you. You don’t have to fight it. The milestone is there to help you show governing authorities that you know what they want you to know. When you elevate your perspective, it’s easier to show up and let your magic shine. The test is not losing any sleep over you, take that as a hint.


There are many ways to integrate all of your senses into productivity. The more integration, the better your result. I won’t share them all but here are a few:

  1. When the lessons are being taught audibly, LISTEN intently, don’t just hear.

  2. Take notes during pauses. This helps integrate the brain and spinal cord. This also helps with the TOUCH and FEEL.

    1. You can also take walks during this integration phase as it helps in the same way.

  3. Essential oils help. I won’t go too far into this one, people that work with me know the secret sauce with that one. SMELL.

  4. Read over notes and slides. Let your subconscious pick up on subtle clues and key words.

There are so many more ways to integrate. This really helps you build your subconscious magic. It’s literally what guides you to answers when you don’t consciously remember. It’s actually what most people second guess and regret! Don’t do that.  


You would be surprised how many chiropractic students forget about getting adjusted before these milestones (and I mean by someone who knows what they are doing). How can you preach the idea of subluxation freedom when you are subluxated when you need the most clarity? On the day before a milestone, there is no need to cram, you aren’t learning anything that you didn’t know. RELAX. Get adjusted. Clear that atlas. If it transmits messages from the brain to the spinal cord, why would you want to go into an exam with it being subluxated?

And breathe. Before, during, and after the milestone. Exhale fully. Inhale fully. Hold. Repeat x3. If you are a beginner focus on doing it to a count. If you are advanced, focus on your ability to move/create things with your thoughts. Be where you are. If you try to be advanced when you aren’t, you’ll suck at it and you’ll quit before it shows productivity.

Watch your languaging. Get rid of “I don’t know”-your body responds to that. Speak in the affirmative and watch the magic happen.

Set your intention. Elevate your perspective. Integrate the brain and spinal cord. Be clear.

The better you are able to do this, the less likely you are to resort to low vibrational fear, doubt, lethargy, etc.

Feel free to share with your friends. As always, this is just my version of truth based on my experiences and formal education.

Love and Light!