Young, Black, Woman Chiropractor Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed one of my major truths as a young, black woman chiropractor. Take a moment to catch up on it if you haven't already. 

Part 2

Now let's get practical.

This list of suggestions can go on infinitely. Yes, it's my revelation of truth that life for us-even in the same profession-is vastly different. Some people will tell you otherwise. It's their truth. I suppose that they are right based on their experience(s), as we all are. For instance, taking these healing modalities back to my community means something different for me in respect to that of someone who grew up in the same household or even the same city for more than four years at any given time. My community consists of all of the places my feet have wandered (pretty global). Military life can leave you with the mentality that you travel with purpose, serve that purpose, and move on. Hence, my practice. Yet, no matter what "community" means to any of us, we have ancestral commonality and behaviors that have been passed on to us and the people that we serve. In another instance, no matter how much confidence I carry, there are many places and platforms that I have been asked to serve on where people would rather see or hear a doctor that looks different than me. It's just reality. Privilege is what it is. Yes, everyone has to put in work. Our work has to be different. Sometimes above and beyond for the same results. Honestly, our strength has been developed over centuries through this learned behavior. Just. Be. Excellent. Those that want what you have to offer will be attracted to you. Those that want something else, will travel as such. The universe is full of abundance. Know that fact very well. I've listed a few of the steps that I use to facilitate excellence with the people that choose to heal and grow with me.

1. Decide what you want in clarity.

Really! What do YOU want? What do you want to do for the betterment of humanity as a whole? Have you ever thought about it? Is life about material wealth alone or is about something greater in addition to it? Do you know the principles of the american chiropractic profession? Do you know YOUR principles in life? Do you know what YOUR philosophy is on life today? Does that change? Have you ever taken the opportunity to create these truths on your own? Or have you been taught everything that you believe? Do you even know who you are? Or are you defined by a series of documents? Trust me, those documents will get you but so far. Now that those questions are out of the way, what do YOU want? Create it from a clear place and begin to work. Yes, work! If you don't there are lots of companies that bank on creating you for their company benefit.

2. Invest in guidance.

The keyword is invest. You can spend or you can invest. Only investing leads to return. Consultants and strategists do not work for free, nor should they. If you want clients to invest their resources into their wellness, you must do the same. Cheap speaks to quality and you get what you pay for. So many health care practitioners employ me after they have created the delusional ideal practice. They've done everything by the book (someone else's book) and find out that it's not what it was all cracked up to be. They have the doctor title that they were once so eager to throw in the face of others, but have no sense of peace. On the other hand, I work with a select few students who are willing to put the work into creating their lives, with health care practice being one of the many aspects. More and more students are catching on quicker and beginning to create sooner. More than a building to practice, attracting a person who purposes to guide you with YOUR truth towards freedom in life is a necessity. Now more than ever, I hear so many people saying that they want to learn from someone that looks like them. More than that, they want someone who can relate and produce results. With progression comes change, people are over seminars and want real practical solutions and strategies that promote wealth, peace, and freedom. Based on availability, you are welcome to work with me. Honestly, it's not about me though, it's about working with someone who wants the best for you and is willing to do the work with you, not for you. I would love to be that person for you, but I truly am not for everyone. Read some of my results here. Attract that person. Invest into yourself TODAY!

3. Attract your tribe. 

The only way to successfully do this is to be an attractive force. You attract who you are so if you are attracting what you don't want, you have to change yourself. I work with excellent chiropractors. More than that, I work with ladies who are excellent bosses. Coming out of school, my tribe consisted of a barber, photographer, graphic designer, seamstress, healer, and author-all black women. I spent more time with them than I did with anyone else. I wanted to exude excellence, so I kept myself around excellence. I learned the principles of many different industries. They are all relatively the same. I wanted to be around mothers and wives who exuded business, motherhood, and partnership excellence as I have intent of creating such excellence in due time. I learned from male chiropractors but my ultimate desire to raise a nation and support fully the excellence of my husband couldn't be experienced through them. Attract your tribe. Exude excellence

4. Perform in excellence.

Simple. Learn your craft. Use your intuition. And create excellence. Mechanics are taught in school. Heart comes through life experience and knowing what happens when you put your hands onto another human being. People only accept what they trust. They must trust that you are working with them, not on them. They want to know that you are the best version of you. People can sense mediocrity and most want no parts of that. Be aware of the fact that when you put your hands on one person, you are adjusting every single person within their reach. It's more than chiropractic, this is life!

The series continues ...