Gift Ideas For The Experience Driven People In Your Life

There are three things that I like to buy (or be gifted): plane tickets, food, and authentic wellness experiences. And I mostly enjoy these things because they require the act of being present for full enjoyment. 

While I am open to the awareness that we are all wired very different through experiences, I am offering that we all take a moment and enjoy this round of human experience. Let's take a moment to invest in the things that can't be burned in a fire. Let's love on each other. And eat great food together. And explore and enjoy the world through each other (this doesn't always require a plane ticket). And laugh! And create memories. Let's take a moment to show gratitude for our being all while being in the experience of now. 

So while I'm here, I'd love to offer a few suggestions for beautiful gifted experiences that encourage connectivity (take a moment and guess what my #1 love language is). 

Kelley Raye Photography - unless you've been under a rock, you know how much I just love Kelley Raye and the beautiful experiences that come from her magic with the camera. AND her special is $79 and it ends soon. Did I say $79?!?

Octavia Raheem - Sacred Chill West - well you know I love her classes and her just in general. She has a way of just BEing and allowing you to BE. 

Heal With Crystal - And well, there's me too! I'm offering virtual soul session until 1/1/17 for $69. So if you are interested in connecting with me on a soul level, here's your chance for less than half the price. 

Iwi Fresh Garden Spa - Don't forget the garden spa! What better way to get pampered than in the garden? 

Hey! And since my birthday is on the horizon, feel free to drop an experience in my mailbox as we approach my new year. (Hint: I like anything over -and in- blue water, and food, IWI Fresh, and touching new land with my feet).

Tis All. Happy Everything. 

Crystal JonesComment