One Step At A Time

Question: How Do You Focus On Big Goals While Being Present?

Answer: By focusing on being present. One step at a time, that's all we can ever take.

The thing is, that as any human evolving, there is always something new on the horizon. We can imagine the beauty of every place that our beautiful imaginations can take us. However, we don't even have the ability to conceptualize the miracles that can find us along the path. So how do we work to make amazing things happen and stay present at the same time? 

We do this by keeping our intentional focus on the present.

The only area that we can create change in is now. We cannot do anything about out past except allow the experiences to become foundational lessons on life. We can't hold on to previous success stories or traumatic experiences as they keep our direction very stagnant. We can plan for our future, but it's important to become aware that the concept of our future in the actions of our now. 

It's in the stillness and silences that we can receive downloads. The goal isn't to figure it out, but to accept them, write them down and file them later. Too often, downloads seem impossible and we shut them down. We create conflict, and instead of allowing them to implant into our fertile soil, we allow concrete detrimental truths of our past and unworthiness to suffocate our own elevation. We download steps, not the entire staircase-and almost always not even in order. 

The only space that we have to make a choice is now. And the choice is always to take the next step. The direction isn't mandated because the next step is an entirely new decision and direction. The conceptual later handles herself as she arrives in the moment of now.

So here's the formula: breathe then work, then breathe all over again. Focusing on the breath allows for our work to be intentional and productive. This creates the energy that works with us to manifest or excellence. When we don't breathe, we paralyze everything and nothing gets done. And then the detrimental cycle begins again. 

The universe works in balance. We rest. We work. And within that balance, we stay present and take one step at a time.

Before we part, I'll leave you with some of the things I do to stay present:

  1. Set silent reminders on my phone to direct my thoughts.
  2. Wake up and meditate in the silence before I get bombarded with whatever direction humans think I should go in that day (mostly based out of egocentric propaganda).
  3. Oxygenate my cells with spring water to push the negative toxins, traumas and thoughts out of my cellular memory.
  4. Make special note of the feelings and things I am grateful for multiple times per day.
  5. Oh and I get my nervous system aligned with chiropractic adjustments. It's pretty difficult to make things happen when my brain and body don't understand each other.

Of course there are more, but I'll leave you with that. Find time to be present and allow the future to handle herself accordingly.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Crystal Jones1 Comment