A (Re)Introduction To The Blog!

Preface -

You see, blogging has always been a hit or miss thing with me (as you can see, I have a few posts that have come before this one). I have NO idea what goes on in celebrity gossip, wellness is a journey that's different for everyone and I have no desire to stop experiencing life to take pictures of every single thing that I do. I always wondered what I am an expert in besides holding space, my journey, my experiences and being myself. While I know that's enough to live by and serve, I often ignored the fact that my blog could be a true reflection of me. 

Before we truly begin, let's do an introduction of some sort...

My parents chose to name me Crystal and I've been honored to carry the vibration of that name through my entire life. Crystals intensify, clarify, reflect, refract and move energy, but only with the permission of the source. And that's pretty much who I am and what I do ALL OF THE TIME. It's why I'm here. Over the years, I've turned my chosen path into my career choice because it's the excellence that I breathe. Thanks mom and dad for helping me be clear about my path from birth.

I literally do what a crystal does all of the time. Now I hold titles and such that work as tools for different levels of entry, yet I am always doing the same thing - holding space for transition. I mostly hold the title doctor to return power to her rightful owner. Let's see, I have earned diplomas and certificates in chiropractic, nutrition and dietetics, holistic doula work, holistic wellness consulting (for startups and corporations and festivals), reiki, aromatherapy, intuitive healing ... and I'm pretty sure that I've missed a few of them, but really I just hold space from birth until transition out of this realm for clarity, healing, and evolutionary personal truth (one of the more rare spaces I hold is in transition as I see it as the final healing phase in this physical realm). I work with people who want to transition regardless of what that looks like. My chosen path is one of constant learning. Never have two experiences ever looked the same and I love that. To the beautiful souls I am honored to hold and share space with, I ask two questions and serve from there:

"who are you and what do you want from me?"

That's it! Oddly enough, those are the toughest questions for most people to answer. Who goes to a doctor to be part of their own process? Who invests in themselves by visiting a doctor that allows people to heal at their own pace? Well there's a whole lot of people that actually do put themselves through the process of honoring their own healing journey. Without a doubt, it's one of the most beautiful scenes I am honored to be part of. 

I am a firm believer in two things (well likely more but we will stick with two): our paths meet for a reason and then they diverge in perfect timing for highest good and that the body can ALWAYS heal itself. Okay and maybe one more for the sake of this blog, every human wants to be loved, experiences may cloud worthiness, yet it's still true at the core of every human. Last one, I promise:

You always have a choice!

Regardless of the direction your choice may lead you in, you always have a choice. And then you get to make another one (I know there was tense jumping, but it needed to get personal).

I can go on and on all day about the beauty of choice and how I absolutely love the path that I've chosen, but I'll likely save that for another day or when someone directly asks me a question about it. 

Now I'll get a bit personal, but not too much (meet me in real life for that). I LOVE my family deeply and truly. My partner inspires me to be excellent every single day and there are literally not enough words to describe how much I love him and feel blessed to be a reflection of him. I've moved around a lot so I know so many people but my friends are very intentional as I am vey specific about the reflections that I choose to surround myself with. I do not like being in closed spaces (with few exceptions) or in the middle of wind. Cliff diving is my favorite thing to do. Traveling to new bodies of water is my JAM! I've come through a lot of life just as anyone else has and I am pretty open about the journey. I like handwritten letters and only like writing with Extra Fine Pilot Precise V5 Premium Rolling Ball Point pens (I have LOTS of them). I truly love surprises, well not showing up at my door surprises, but other ones because there's something special about paying attention to detail enough to pull them off. I do not drink coffee. I love tea. And I adore plants and trees and stones and all things earth. I think that everything is a sign. I listen to the stories of the trees and the animals and such because I think they are beautiful and they always have something to say. Oh yes, Mondays are for me. 

And see, yet another thing, I like words and to write. So sometimes I write a lot. Actually, I'm not going to apologize for that. This is where I will end today. And we will figure out the rest when I get there. Want to know something, ask :) It'll likely be the topic of a blog. 

Sending you all of the joy and love and such until next time. 

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