Gift Ideas For The Experience Driven People In Your Life

Let's take a moment to invest in the things that can't be burned in a fire. Let's love on each other. And eat great food together. And explore and enjoy the world through each other (this doesn't always require a plane ticket). And laugh! And create memories. Let's take a moment to show gratitude for our being all while being in the experience of now. 

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A Few Of My Favorite Things: Small Business Saturday

Today, I want to bring light to some, just some, of the lady business owners that base in Atlanta and serve international platforms, with one exception basing out of LA. Each one of these beautiful souls hold a special place in my heart and I fully support and appreciate them for being with me throughout this process. While there are many others that exist outside of this list (and will be featured on future blog posts), take a moment to check out what these ladies offer and invest in them if their products or services resonate. 

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One Step At A Time

The thing is, that as any human evolving, there is always something new on the horizon. We can imagine the beauty of every place that our beautiful imaginations can take us. However, we don't even have the ability to conceptualize the miracles that can find us along the path. So how do we work to make amazing things happen and stay present at the same time? 

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Intentional Studying

I know it’s crunch time (remember that I am not too far removed from taking boards, midterms, finals, CLET, Research, OSCE, the rest of the 26 hours and clinic in the same quarter) so I figured that I would send over a few of the study mechanisms that I used to create a space of peace during these moments in this step of the process.

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Spring Seasonal Change: How To Adapt & Thrive

As winter is tip toeing out for the arrival of the spring equinox, our bodies are ready to show us how we've prepared them for the adaptation to change. Winter signifies the transition of life for things that no longer serve their current space. Spring signifies the formation of new life. The preparation of our bodies for these changes expresses rather clearly with our immunity. Somehow, over the years, a new normal has been adopted and affectionately given the name "allergy season".  This new normal has been given a home in the lives of so many. Allergy season is prepared for. Over the counter drugs are in the medicine cabinet ready to go, vaccinations are given to prepare the body for "the flu"- you know, the usual. 

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