Together, we founded this company with the intentional goal of elevating the narrative of holistic wellness in our communities.

Dr. Crystal Jones, founder and COO, came up with this concept after years on music tours and festivals often as the sole wellness provider. She noticed that many of the tour providers were external in nature and vowed to execute a plan that would focus on the internal environment of the artist the same. In the same light, before becoming a sought after chiropractor, doula, and traditional healer, she worked in the corporate arena and noticed a disconnect in the wellness space. Long days, stressful deadlines, etc. were not balanced with focused on the internal well being of the employees. Little by little, she sought to change that. A spiritual guide for the influencers of the universe, namely women, her private practice focuses heavily on accessing personal power and curating effective self healing practices

Dr. Kevin Kinney, co founder and CFO, spent over ten years curating events in the entertainment industry. Now as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he blazes the path of creating the same vibe with the intention placed on holistic wellness and chiropractic. A wellness lifestyle consultant, he works with influencers and artists to elevate their manifested excellence. His private practice is intentionally designed for artist to maximize their human potential and influence on a global level.