The Healers' Collective

Elevating the narrative of wellness


the wellness house

A concept unique to The Healers' Collective, The Wellness House, is our signature offering. From juices and teas to onsite massage and sound healing, we curate a one-of-a-kind wellness experience for your festival, corporate lunch and learn, or getaway experience. We take the stress of locating providers and designing the space off your hands. 


Our providers

As a full service wellness production company, we provide services that range from fresh pressed organic juices and hand crafted teas to chiropractic, yoga, sound baths and massage therapy - and everything in between, including DJs. We set the vibration with custom aromatherapy blends, sounds and plants. 

Wellness amenities management

We provide and manage wellness amenities for small business, large corporations, entertainment, resort and hotel spas, event activations through onsite, residential and private healing experiences and custom wellness programs.

curated events

We listen to your idea for an experience and execute it. Whether a single concept or an implemented strategy for corporate wellness, we curate for you flawlessly in a professional and timely manner. Replace your snack machine with a juice/tea bar. Curate an on site healing event. Let us handle your wellness production needs.


OuR process

Consultation - Curation - Execution


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will have a holistically sound wellness experience.

We have vetted our providers over time and offer the best of what we have within your budget.